The first and most important thing we can do about light pollution is to purchase dark sky friendly lighting fixtures

A group calling themselves The Needless Light Campaign has put together a few entertaining and educational short videos explaining in pictures what light pollution is and how it affects us.

Light pollution is a problem for everyone, even those who are not interested in astronomy. Have you ever had trouble sleeping because of a too bright city or neighbor’s light glaring into your bedroom window? I have, I nearly went out and purchased black shades for my windows at one time!

Needless and the International Dark Sky Organization believes, as do I, that light pollution is not unsolveable. It is not a given because we live in cities. It is a matter of what kind and how much lighting we choose to use and pretty much where we focus it.

They are continuing to add more of these regularly. Currently there are 6 video animations. You will need to refresh your browser to view each one in turn, or just bookmark this page and keep coming back.

For more information about light pollution, visit the International Dark Sky Organization.