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Goals of the IDA

1. Stop the adverse effects of light pollution, including;

  • Energy waste, and the air and water pollution caused by energy waste
  • Harm to human health
  • Harm to nocturnal wildlife and ecosystems
  • Reduced safety and security
  • Reduced visibility at night
  • Poor nighttime ambience; and

2. Raise awareness about light pollution, its adverse effects, and its solutions; and

3. Educate about the values of quality outdoor lighting.

To achieve these goals, IDA takes an award-winning
unified approach that supports the individual efforts of our members
and of others who advocate quality outdoor lighting. In fighting light
pollution we work with communities, astronomers, ecologists, and
lighting professionals. We are active on local, national, and
international stages and have already accomplished much, but our work
is not yet done.

The above was reprinted from the IDA website.