Vintage Style Barn Lights


Sometimes a retro look is exactly what someone might be looking for with an old barn on their property. These are well-built, and also a fully shielded so they will only direct light where needed making it fully dark sky compliant. In no time at all you’ll have a high quality, classic barn light hanging over your garage, shed or anywhere else. You could even use it as a porch light. And as always, to make it even more energy efficient, use a long lasting LED bulb. Whatever your needs, these are only a few of the many choices of vintage style barn lights available in dark sky compliant and solar options.

Solar vintage style barn lights are also popular and come in a variety of styles, including with motion sensors.  The nice thing, too, about solar, of course, is that you have no need of hiring a costly electrician to install the lights. These are great where you don’t need the reliability of an electrical light at your front door, for instance. But as I write this in 2017, solar powered outdoor lighting technology continues to get better and brighter.