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On the entire east coast and parts of the west coast, city lights have hidden the night sky from our view. It has taken 60 years to have light pollution so bad that the light from the cities has taken away our vision of the stars and has taken a toll on our natural environment. On the east coast the sky is no longer black; it has become a dark grey like a shadow in the sky. Half of our stars are no longer there for us to see, even at twilight. It won’t be long before all the stars in the skies are gone.

Light pollution comes from our use of electricity. We light up everything, every street, every home, every building, billboards and freeways. When we turn on flood lights and security lights, the amount of light that comes on turns the areas into daylight. That is how strong the flood and security lights are. Our fear of being in the dark has sent up to the sky microscopic bits of matter that reflects the light back to earth. Soon there will be no more stars or planets for us to see and fill our heads with wonder.

Our use of lighting needs to be changed by directing the light itself down towards the ground. Choosing the correct fixtures that hold the light bulbs can help retain our night sky, but it would take the cooperation of many people, many states and many cities to educate themselves and start changing over to sky-friendly and energy-efficient lighting. Let’s turn down the lights so that we and our children and their children can see the stars again.

Money should not be the reason for not changing the many upon many fixtures, flood and security lights, street light and the billboard lights. Governments, whether the white house or just the city mayor, should consider this to be the most important issue of all, changing our lighting so that we can see black sky with its twinkling stars.