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In a letter to the editor in December 2008 issue of The Reflector, a quarterly publication of the Astronomical League, International Dark Sky Association (IDA) co-founder Tim Hunter recommends national standards for proper outdoor lighting.

Currently environmental laws do not address light pollution even though it has a terribly detrimental affect on wildlife, including flora and fauna. Mr. Hunter references the June 20, 2008 IDA congressional briefing sponsored by John Culbertson (R-TX), Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and Steve Israel (D-NY) requesting that light pollution is considered at the federal level.

Evidence was presented at the briefing of “dire consequences of the degradation of the night skies,” calling on EPA to address this problem emphasizing that this would be a good start.

Now there needs to be backup at the federal level. Now, With a new Congress and a new administration promoting a green agenda, progress may be made.

Tips Mr. Hunter recommends we all do now to address light pollution include

  • Turning off unneccessary lights
  • Reducing light to appropriate levels pursuant to the task

And, finally, write to your congressperson to let them know how important it is to get this important issue addressed!