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Ever since the discovery of fire, and since then, the development of the electric light, humans have had a love affair with illumination. We love to light up the night environment in order to feel safe by seeing what lies beyond. We feel more secure when there’s more light, and who could blame us?

But the assumption that more and more light is better is being challenged again and again by wildlife protection advocates, astronomers, and health care professionals. And now, even individual citizens are jumping in the fray by taking action against neighbors with lighting that’s trespassing on their private property.

That’s what one Louisiana resident recently did, at least. His neighbor built a garish dock across the bayou from his home that included an amazing array of lighting. Reports say that this lighting actually reached over 100 feet across the bayou into the neighbor’s yard, making it difficult for the disturbed homeowner to sleep!

And, when he couldn’t find a peaceful resolution with the dock owner, he took him to court, a move that resulted in a positive ruling in the homeowner’s favor.

This isn’t an isolated incident, either. There are many people across the country suffering from insomnia as a result of glaring night-time lighting. People are seeking resolutions by going to their local governments and even resorting to vandalism. After all, without sleep, we all get a little crazy.

It’s too bad that people sometimes have to resort to this kind of litigation in order to get some peace and darkness. Kindness pays and we can be more considerate of the people living next door to us.