Here in Boston, Massachusetts is where I was lucky enough to gaze at such a lovely sight of the star studded night sky. I could stay here forever in my deck and just absorb the wonderful display that the vast Milky Way has afforded me. The allure of the city lights below with its bright neon signs and sodium lights can’t compare to such a lovely sight as the glowing sky above.

Alas, only sleep can make me turn in for the night and bid my goodbye to such a heavenly sight hoping that such a sight could still be seen tomorrow night. I can only find comfort now that summer is almost over and autumn is drawing near, giving me more time at night to fill my eyes with the star spangled sight. The mysterious Milky Way Band boldly painted in the night sky above has filled my soul with such an inspiration the other night that I could hardly find comfort when I said my goodnight.

Most of the city dwellers have never seen the glorious Milky Way in all its glory since the city is filled with too much light pollution that one can only dream of being able to clearly gaze at the magnificence of the Milky Way along with the engaging constellations.

On a clear night sky, aided by a small or large telescope and a star atlas in hand, one can actually appreciate the wealth of dazzling display the night sky can lend you. Your eyes can feast on the different constellations and the glorious Milky Way Band.

You can find field books in the public library that could give you more information about what you can find in the lovely night sky. There are even monthly star charts that you can read about.