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By cutting our lights at night from a personal standpoint and from a city/town standpoint, we can save fossil fuel emissions by quite a bit.

Not only do we cut emissions, but we also create a more harmonious nighttime environment for birds, animals and humans. Did you know that when light disturbs our sleep, it can also suppress melatonin to the brain.

This is why we are at more risk for cancer from light pollution, since melatonin is a powerful antioxidant at work in our brains to help prevent cancer in our bodies.

Even though there is plenty of information these days about the hazards of light pollution, it continues to increase.

With all of the new choices in outdoor lighting, light pollution is preventable and reversible.

The skies above the Brecon Beacons National Park have been given special protection in an effort to keep the area as one of the ‘best places in Europe to truly see dark skies’. The park has been granted the status of an international dark sky reserve meaning the night […]