Buying and installing solar lighting in our gardens will not only save you money and the hassle of wiriing and outdoor lighting installation, it will also add beauty and charm to your garden design.

You’ll enjoy your new nighttime gardens whether you live in a warm climate and can be outside year round or whether you’re seeing them from the warmth of your home.Your neighbors and friends will love the new ambience as well. Your solar garden lighting options are nearly endless.

You can purchase path lighting, hanging lights, post lights (that can also act as path lights), paving lights and colorful and entertaining party lights. See Solar Outdoor Lighting Products for lots of solar garden lighting choices.

Significant improvements in outdoor solar lighting’s form and function include: swapping mini-incandescent bulbs for LEDs (light-emitting diodes) which are extremely efficient and very long-lasting (upwards of 50,000 hours); increasing the efficiency of the solar collectors, which allows them to collect and save more energy over the course of the day; and opting for NiMH (nickel metal hydride) instead of NiCd (nickel cadmium) batteries which hold much more power. Together, these new features result in stronger, whiter light that lasts hours more at a fraction of the cost.

But more than all of these great features, new solar outdoor lights enhance your home’s security while adding to its visual appeal. By providing consistent illumination, they deter crime and give you peace of mind. And you can choose from an ever-growing list of style options—everything from traditional path lighting to embedded driveway fixtures, and architectural spotlights to whimsical party torches.

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