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Updated: Oct 25, 2017

When you buy an old house, you acquire some things that are wonderful and some things that are not so wonderful. My 1928 brick Tudor is charming, but, as with old houses, it needed some updating. I had painting and hardwood floor refinishing done before I moved in, along with new appliances and kitchen cabinets.

With an old house, there are always projects to tackle. Last year, I decided it was time to work on outdoor lighting. There was a pendant light on the front porch that was corroded and ugly. The fixture threw light in every direction, which meant there wasn’t as much light on the porch and steps as I would have liked.

By the back door were glaring spotlights put in by a previous owner after a burglary. They thought the bright lights would deter break-ins. But the lights were so bright and glaring, I found I never turned them on. And even turned off, they were ugly. In addition, I wanted a post light by the front steps, to provide more light for the walkway.

I was looking for lights that are attractive, energy-efficient and I wanted dark sky-friendly lighting. I looked for coordinating lights in three styles: a hanging porch light, a small wall-mounted light for next to the back door and a post light. I wanted something with simple, elegant lines.

After doing much searching here on Outdoor Lighting Choices, I found many lights I liked, and I noticed that most of them were made by Hinkley. I narrowed it down to just a few designs: Energy Saving-Dark Sky Park Ridge, Harbor and, the one I chose, Energy Saving-Dark Sky Pearl. I like the simple, elegant lines and the faintly Oriental accent to the lights blends well with our Japanese-inspired garden.

There are so many really cool dark sky compliant home fixtures to choose from. The choices have gotten much greater in the past few years, there is so much selection now. Alas, one can no longer find Dark Sky Pearl.

We added French doors to our dining room and a small deck connecting to the garden. We wanted some soft lights to illuminate the stairs. I wished that there were lights matching the others I chose, but there were not. We decided to opt for solar lights for this purpose. These mission style lights fit the bill. They are adaptable, and can be mounted on a stake (included) or can be attached to a post or a railing. The lights are attractive and provide just the right amount of light to allow you to see the steps.

We really like our new dark sky outdoor lights. These fixtures finished our remodel beautifully and turned out to be the least expensive part of all of it. Here are some, I think, pretty striking before and after pictures. I think you’ll agree that our outdoor lighting compliments the design of our home much better now.