Outdoor Lighting to Reduce Light Pollution


How can we as dwellers on this planet full of lights, reduce light pollution? Maybe we can frame it a different way, instead. What are your goals with outdoor lighting? Think about such things as do you want to light your outdoor spaces softly so as not to disturb your neighbors at night. Or how about all that glare from typical floodlights in use today, is that what you’re really after?

In other words, it’s not difficult to do our part to reduce light pollution. Maybe someday we’ll get to sit out on our patios and decks and backyards and front yards and we’ll be able to look up and see the tremendous bounty of stars in the heavens above us. Oh happy day!

Dark sky lighting is designed to reduce the glare and light pollution from normal home landscaping. An estimated 30% of all outdoor lighting is wasted, costing Americans millions of dollars each year. Using low voltage outdoor lighting certified by the International Dark Sky association saves you money without sacrificing aesthetic beauty.

The economic dangers of standard outdoor lighting go beyond the waste of money and energy. It effects the wildlife, too. Large amounts of artificial lights have an adverse effect on migratory birds and mating habits of tree frogs. Poor hatchling turtles can be spotted easier by prey when attempting to return to the sea.

Light pollution did not happen overnight, it slowly increased over time. However, with the explosion of suburban homes, light pollution exploded to the point that it is now considered an environmental hazard. The problem has become so bad that 50% of Americans cannot see the Milky Way from their homes. Due to the increasing problem of light pollution, many states have enacted dark sky laws.

Unfortunately, in the past, light pollution was not a high priority. Thankfully, this is changing.  With the increasing availability of low voltage outdoor deck lighting and the increasing awareness of light pollution, more and more people are choosing the energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing dark sky lighting fixtures.

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