What’s a more welcoming site on a cold dark night than a well lit garden showing you the way home?  It really doesn’t matter what time of year it is, having nice subtle lighting around your home is always attractive as well as a safety feature.

Lighting has always fascinated me, how much or how little. Coming from the UK where outdoor lighting was considered to be the street lamp how could I not be in awe when I came to North America.   One of the things that stood out most in my mind was how well lit everything was and how much more inviting and cheerful it made everything look.

If you are ever in Vancouver BC and you have an opportunity to take a trip up to the top of Grouse Mountain on a clear day-do it! It’s good to go up while it’s still light but make sure that you will still be up top as its getting dark. The City lights and beyond are amazing!  It’s like looking down on thousands of glittering gems. And while you are there if you look to the east you will also see the snow capped Mount Baker, it really is worth the trip.

As kids we would love the Christmas season when the stores would light up their windows, and of course the Christmas tree lights would always add their own sparkle to everything.   When you haven’t grown up with all this light you would be surprised how much you would miss it if you didn’t have it any longer.

I think the key to lighting is the word subtle. Of course you need stronger lighting for reading or doing projects but otherwise to create the right ambiance it needs to be subtle. It’s very unpleasant to have a glaring light shining right in your face.

My son added a swimming pool to his home this year. In addition he added some very attractive lighting around the pool area. It’s amazing how it’s transformed not only their back yard but the whole house. They back onto fields so even looking out from the living room onto the back, whereas before you would look out at just darkness, now it has totally changes the whole environment.

Whether you have a large or small yard or if you have a patio or balcony there are a couple of accessories that can really enhance your home. One is the right lighting and another to make it even more attractive is to add a home water fountain as a feature. The relaxing sound of the water and the appropriate lighting will make all the difference to the look and feel of your surroundings.

Regardless of whether you are an avid gardener or not it’s a good idea to add extra lighting to your outdoor area. The last thing you need is to have accidents because of unlit paths. There are so many options today. If you visit outdoorlightingchoices you can see for yourself there really are numerous choices available. 

Any patio or deck area can be transformed by adding lighting and some colour with attractive plants and shrubs. If you only have a very small deck you can still add a tub of flowers or hanging baskets.

You have to decide whether you want your outdoors to be low maintenance. I think regardless of the size of the outside area, unless gardening is a hobby for you most people would prefer low maintenance. Most feel it is difficult to find the time to keep a garden the way they would like it to look.

Love them as you may, pets can also be hard on your home. Sometimes it can be   difficult to keep a nice yard if you have a dog that likes to dig or tug at plants. And when they are puppies it’s a problem indoors too, especially if you haven’t yet had success potty training puppy. Here are some homeowners that have allotted a specific area to the pets to do their business but with others it’s more difficult to control so you can end up with patches all over the lawn.

When you take vacations you need to feel that you have left your home secure. A lot of retirees leave their homes for fairly long periods while they travel, so homes that are low maintenance along with adequate safety features are very important to them especially. It’s advisable to have lights on timers both for indoors and outdoors.  It can certainly help to deter unwanted guests. It also helps anyone that may be going to check up on your home while you are away.

Keep lighting up your life!

Author Bio:  Shirley Price is the author of LifeByDesignOver50 and she lives in the lovely community of West Vancouver, BC. Canada. Shirley enjoys spending time with her family and developing her business.