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Updated: May 25, 2018

Puerto Ricans get Smart Solar Garden lamps

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Solar Outdoor Lighting |

LuminAID donates Smart Solar Garden hanging lamps to Puerto Ricans in need

Here is what their company LuminAID is saying in a press release on Dec. 7, 2017,

“When they first appeared on Shark Tank, Anna and Andrea made a splash by receiving offers from all five sharks for LuminAID: inflatable solar lanterns. This week, Shark Tank brought the women back to show how their invention is bringing light to 50,000 without power in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.” This is so commendable and how leadership in industry can and does work.

“Now, the entrepreneurs have introduced an all-new invention: the Smart Solar Garden. Their new origami-inspired lanterns are solar powered, and transform your phone into a light control center. Using Bluetooth technology, you can use a phone app to schedule when lights power on or off, change color, or dim when the moment’s right. The Smart Solar Garden was fully funded in just 8 hours, and runs until December 14th.”

LuminAID works with Chicago4PR campaign

LuminAID reached their $100K stretch goal. In order to carry out the work of distributing Smart Solar Garden lamps and the The PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger, they worked with Chicago4PR and humanitarian partners Convoy of Hope and ShelterBox. These organizations have “extensive aid networks and resources” to reach urban and smaller communities throughout the Carribean.

“Through this campaign, LuminAID was able to support fellow Americans get safe light, and brought together Chicago community efforts to support Puerto Rico. We’ve had an opportunity through this process to meet and get in touch with so many people in Puerto Rico who have been using our lights. This connection is so important to us, and we’ve heard incredible stories about how our lights are being used, and the positive impact that LuminAID lights can have for these families left in the dark after the storms.” Chicago4PR campaign story

My partner and I decided to purchase 3 of the Smart Solar Garden hanging lamps. Writing this now at the end of April 2018, I realize that they will be arriving in another month or so. Summer is coming to Seattle, yey. Looking forward to writing about them here once they show up and I see how they do.