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According to a news article from Reading Eagle, “Planners back efforts of lighting council,” a Pennsylvania Outdoor Lighting Company recieved support votes from one of the county planning commisions, out of five counties, in regards of making the state park, Hopewell Big Woods, the international designated area for dark sky lighting.

The county officials went on to say that the Outdoor Lighting Council is a part of an organization for the International Dark Sky Association out of Tucson, Arizona who volunteers their time and has been in business for sixteen years. They are also well known in a lot of places for being able to educate people on the right ways of using outdoor lighting and for enforcing the rules of safety.

In addition to the votes received from Berks County the Lighting Council still has to have a lot more support from the state of Pennsylvania and other counties, as well as other places and companies in order to receive enough votes or letters of support that would allow them the right to make Hopewell Big Woods a Reserve. Other zones were also mentioned in hopes of being able to spread across the southwestern, southeast, northwestern, and other parts and areas of Pennsylvania.

James McCarthy of the planning commission had nothing bad to say about the vote or the way things were going, he just did not agree and thinks that the big woods should be left alone. The planning commission chairman Joseph Griffin believes the night sky should be left the way it is meant to be and to take away that beauty from the environment is more than words can say. Griffin thinks because of the councils tough efforts they should still be given a recommendation even though they are not going to receive enough votes to win.