Updated: Oct 27, 2017

Don’t you love those hot summer nights, spending time on the back patio with a nice cool glass of wine enjoying your outdoor space? Light breezes and low lighting makes it relaxing and rejuvenating.

But while you’re there, does your mind start to wander as you get to thinking about your rising electric bill, bumped higher and higher each day with the constant use of air conditioning, fans, and indoor lighting.

There certainly are many ways the average person can reduce their energy consumption on a day-to-day basis, but how about that great, relaxing evening on the porch you were enjoying? Is there a way to reduce your outdoor, night time consumption as you enjoy the sunset?

Well, by sitting outside in the fresh evening air, you’re well on your way to cooling off the low-power way, but you can go even further by trying solar outdoor patio lighting. Few energy-saving home upgrades can enhance your home’s beauty like these stylish options. They’re equipped with solar cells and batteries which work together to collect and store light during the day to make it available for your evening reverie. With these eco-light fixtures, you’ll be seeing green of all sorts—money in your pockets and beautifully-lit evening landscapes. They’re our vote for reducing outdoor energy this summer.