Outdoor Lighting Types for Everyone

Outdoor Lighting Types – why compare?

It’s useful to look at a comparison of the different outdoor lighting types to begin to figure out what will work best for you. Included are motion sensor lights, solar and conventional, dusk to dawn lighting, landscape accent lighting and a very brief introduction to dark sky lighting products. When considering all of the outdoor ighting types you have to choose from, there are several things you should consider first.

Some people choose outdoor lighting for design, while others want lighting for security. Furthermore, the choices continue to become better for us. For instance, a homeowner no longer needs or even should want to have variety of motion-triggered flood lights for security. One does not have to sacrifice style for function.

There are many outdoor lighting types, so there are absolutely options to match the style of your home as well as your own taste.

Outdoor Lighting Types – Lights with Motion Sensors

It practically goes without saying that there are many different types of outdoor lighting to choose from to add elegance and safety to your residence.

Lights with motion sensors automatically turn on when a person or even an unwanted animal approaches. This will often startle and deter a thief from trying to enter your home. Sensor lighting can also save on energy costs, because the bulb is not constantly burning.

Outdoor Lighting Types – dusk to dawn lighting

Photo cell lighting, often called dusk to dawn lighting, utilizes a sensor which is powered by the sun that automatically turn lights on when it gets dark, even when you’re not home. Photo cell fixtures are available for indoor and outdoor lights, so even if you’re on vacation, it will appear as if someone is home operating the lights.

Outdoor Lighting Types – residential landscape and accent lighting

Properly placed landscape and accent lighting not only adds beauty to the home, but serves as a safety feature when placed along walkways and on steps, allowing you to see each step in the dark as well as any obstructions or dangers such as ice that has formed on the steps in the winter. Lighting placed in bushes and around trees ensures that a would-be intruder doesn’t have a nice dark hiding place. There are many different types of landscape lighting, including solar powered, low voltage, and post and railway lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Types – dark sky lighting

Dark sky lighting has been around for a number of years now and is gaining prominence as more people embrace the issues of light pollution. It only shines down from its fixture without emitting light up into the night sky. This is beneficial because lights can be directed to shine on specific objects or sections of your yard that you think need added lighting for security reasons or as accent lighting. When used properly, dark sky lighting adds a touch of comfort and ambiance to your landscaping, while adding to the safety and security of your yards perimeter.