Use lighting to your outdoor space’s best advantage

Paying attention to the lighting in our outdoor spaces is becoming increasingly important. Many of us are choosing to stay in our current homes rather than moving to something bigger and better. As a result, we’ve often got the inspiration and resources to do some remodeling to our existing homes. Turning the outdoors into great entertaining spaces can really bring value to a home, both for you while you live in it, and for any future buyers.

Classic Bronze Small Garden Light Outdoor Solar LED Wall Lighting

Not surprisingly, many designers and consumers alike assume that new energy efficient lighting is going to make it very difficult to make their spaces beautiful. They worry that the color of the light, the inability to direct it where it’s needed, and more will make their landscapes and backyards less appealing.

But as Randall Whitehead, internationally-known architectural lighting designer, said at a recent Las Vegas Market gathering, this doesn’t have to be the case. With a wider range of energy efficient lighting choices than ever, there are lots of ways to use these fixtures to the design’s advantage. In fact, if you look at these new bulbs as a creative challenge you may find yourself coming up with all sorts of ways to enhance your outdoor space in unique and interesting ways, while saving money on energy all through the night.

Whitehead recommended that designers start to play with the color of LED lights, being sure to test them during the day as well as at night to ensure they provide the right look that’s flattering to hosts and guests, too. The wrong color green can make occupants look sickly and unattractive, but the right color will keep people engaged and looking their best.

As well, he recommended that light be layered. So instead of just using a chandelier and a table lamp, supplement this light with task lights and recessed fixtures. They don’t all have to provide the same amount of light, but by providing an even mix of illumination, you’ll create an inviting, enjoyable outdoor space, and bring attention to your backyard’s best features!