Outdoor Hurricane Lamps Timeless & Practical

Outdoor Hurricane Lamps, a little history

Outdoor hurricane lamps are still in existence today and have been for many decades. They had to be designed to withstand the breezy conditions of the outdoors. Therefore, the glass cylinder keeps the candle from burning too quickly or from being blown out by the wind. These lamps came about well before the invention of electricity so that the source of energy came from dandles or whale oil. As technology improved kerosene was substituted for whale oil. And now, of course, solar and LED often take the place of the flame.

Historically, the thick glass allows the flame inside to be protected. An added side effect is the fluttering flame which reacts in artistic ways making the entire piece an object of moving beauty. Many people today are starting to realize that these lamps can be incorporated into our daily lives as special design accents.

Traditional uses for outdoor hurricane lamps

The concept of the hurricane lamp can be seen in different settings. The traditional ship’s lamp is still very popular and can be found not only on ships and boats but in people’s homes as well. There is something timeless and romantic about maritime lighting and using them for outdoor patio parties adds a special flavor to the event.

Hurricane lamps were also designed for campers and well known companies like Coleman have not tampered with the design for decades. The fuel is kerosene and a wick is part of the system of internal components for lighting up the lamp. People are finding that the rustic, no nonsense look of the camping lantern adds a funky feel. And this works well in more sporty living areas of the home such as the outdoor living areas where there may be a hot tub and outdoor kitchen/dining unit.

Outdoor hurricane lamps born from necessity

These charming lamps were born out of necessity and their elegant simplicity enhances our modern day living requirements. They emit a large amount of light and some are portable with a carrying handle. These pieces are valuable items in antique shops and many people have started to create hurricane lamp collections. The collection can be brought out on special occasions and be placed on table tops as well as hung from trees. The effect of so many lights burning at one time is spell binding.