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Whenever people see a street that is not lit up, they wonder why on earth there are not enough street lights and why the government could possibly let this happen. However, they should be thanking their local councils for not burdening them with so much light pollution. Take New York City as an example, there are so many bright lights in that city, especially in the Manhattan area. At first people thought that was great, the night was made into day and sometimes it was even brighter at night than during the daytime. It attracts tourists and people are more inclined to go outside to a well lit area.

However, research has shown that just like there is noise pollution, there is also light pollution. Too much light has a negative effect on wildlife, plants and certain types of animals. They do not like to be in such an environment. There are also studies, vague though they are, that suggest that too much light can lead to an increase in certain forms of cancer. These are unproven theories, but they are still worrying. While light is not a big deal, like global warming is, as cities get bigger and lights get brighter you do worry that people are being exposed to so much artificial light.

There are times when you can barely see anything but blackness in the sky, because there is so much light where you are. That is a form of pollution. People need to be able to encounter natural darkness just as they encounter the sun in the day.

In fact, one could take the example of Qatar. With all the money that they have from oil wells, they have created the most beautiful cities in the world. They will even be hosting the 2022 soccer world cup and they are going to have it all in indoor areas so that people are not exposed to the heat. However, all this artificial construction and lighting has resulted in the desert being pushed back. People are not connected to their roots anymore and all they think of when they picture their country is artificial structures. That is not how the world should be.