More great ideas for dressing up your outdoor space with light

Need some ideas for creating a beautiful, outdoor oasis with light? Look no further.  This  list of unique options may give you some ideas you can use to amp up the style of your outdoor lighting.

  • Add drama: Go beyond traditional sconce and porch lighting by adding lighting to the various architectural and plant elements in your space. While she recommends using uplighting, I’d caution against that since it may contribute to light pollution. Instead, you can create dramatic designs by adding lights to gazebos, decks, paths, trees, ponds, waterfalls, and other structures in your yard.
  • Look for durability: Don’t go cheap when thinking of outdoor lighting. Instead, choose materials that will stand the test of the outdoor elements. Good quality fixtures are often constructed of solid brass, copper, or aluminum. Plastic and pressed aluminum will likely break before you can really get a good life out of them. Make wise investments by thinking durability.
  • Go hi-tech: As we’ve mentioned many times before, there are lots of automation options available in the outdoor lighting market. Motion sensors, photo-sensitive dimmers, and timers are all on the market for consumers. But you can also get programmable control systems that use keypads to give you full access to when and how lights come on in your outdoor space. Use them to keep electricity costs down and increase security.
  • Go low-voltage: To further reduce electricity bills, install a transformer (on your home’s exterior or in the garage or a shed) to convert power down from 110 or 120 volts to 12 volts. Many outdoor lighting options can run on this current while still providing adequate light.

Some great ideas for personalizing your outdoor space and increasing your home’s value without adding a lot to the power bill every month.