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I’m glad I don’t live in Miami, and I feel sorry for the people who do. LED billboards have taken over the landscape in direct violation of its sign codes. Maybe city hall is being paid off by these folks, huh?

Not only are they dangerous to drivers with LED signs flashing advertisements signs every eight seconds (wow), but there must be no nighttime there at all anymore. I would imagine you couldn’t even see the moon over the beach at night with that kind of light pollution.

Since there are no penalties for this egregious assault on the night sky and the senses, the city is proposing an ordinance that would allow more of these signs to go up in the historic Olympia Theatre at the Gusman Center. That will surely jeopardize any chances it has of getting on the National Historic Register, even though it was recently selected as one of the best 100 structures in the state.

The city is allowing this because they need revenue. That’s a pretty shortsighted stance on their part since they will be losing revenue in tourist dollars. As more and more of these horribly intrusive LED billboards go up, property values go down and fewer and fewer tourists want to visit.

The first reading of the ordinance came up on April 26th, just a few days ago, and there is hope, because the Miami Dade county attorney wrote a strongly worded op-ed piece in Miami Today, but even with that the City of Miami may win on this one. Kind of reminds of the mob (Chicago style…).

Unfortunately, this is a case of LED lights run amok.

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