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On April 23rd, the Malibu City County voted as one to approve the Malibu Dark Sky Ordinance. Their efforts for this began in 2013, when they received help from the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) to create a dark sky ordinance in the first place. The IDA provides help and resources to build community as well as legal know how and steps to take along the way. A good place to start is with their public outreach materials.


Malibu Dark Sky Ordinance Goals

From the Malibu City website, the stated goals of the ordinance are to:

  • Provide safe and effective levels of outdoor lighting;
  • Curtail light pollution to preserve enjoyment of the nighttime sky and the City’s rural environment;
  • Avoid impacts to wildlife and natural habitats; and
  • Promote the City’s goal of conserving energy and natural resources.

The Malibu Dark Sky Ordinance goes into effect on October 15, 2018. Grace periods have been drafted in to the ordinance.

Community Meetings & Workshops Create the Malibu Dark Sky Ordinance

To get here, the city held community meetings and workshops providing education about what light pollution is and how it is prevented. This proposed ordinance was reviewed by the Zoning Ordinances Revisions and Code Enforcement Subcommittee (ZORACES), the Planning Commission, and the Malibu City Council.

For the Santa Monica Daily Press article, the mayor, Rick Mullen, talked about the starry skies being part of Malibu’s beautiful landscape and surroundings. On this little planet, Malibu’s surroundings are all of the rest of what’s here. I’m pretty sure that’s not what he meant, though.

Every single effort by cities and towns make a difference. We all live in cities or towns or something like that. In working together towards a common goal, we rise above ourselves and become a community.

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