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Updated: Oct 27, 2017

So many summers lately, many of us have had to choose between exotic, far away vacations in parts unknown and more affordable holidays closer to home. Staycations, as many have been calling them, are becoming commonplace as people struggle with rising gas prices and growing airline prices. And even as gas prices go up and down, if you live in a climate like the Pacific Northwest where the summers are truly gorgeous, you may rather stay at home.

Having your own backyard retreat creates another room outside in the summertime. Creating gardens, even putting in a pond or a hot tub. Spend however much money you’d like over however many months or even years; although it’s pretty spectacular getting it all done at once, at least something to begin with.


Further enhance your own special outdoor retreat by adding energy efficient, low impact outdoor lighting. Make it easy for you to read a good book late into the night. Or add mood lighting to the eating area so that entertaining can become an all-day affair, especially on those hot nights. You’ll soon see that your staycation retreat is a great place to spend time year-round, staycation or not. The additional value to your home must be considered, too, since it should make your home more desirable to potential buyers, especially if you’re chosen energy efficient lighting options!

You can avoid annoying hassles and line-ups associated with airports, the expense of driving long distances and eating out all of the time, and you can remain rested by sleeping in your own bed instead of someone else’s. And of course, another important benefit is that you’ll be adding fewer CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. Staycations can be a real win-win.

So why not get to designing an outdoor retreat in your own backyard. You can add comfortable seating, a gourmet cooking area, space for entertaining family and friends, inviting green spaces with beautiful, fragrant plants, and of course, a place where the kids can play to their heart’s content.