The featured photo is of women giving out lights in light starved Puerto Rico.

Some of this is reposted from an email I just received from Celia at LuminAID, along with m7 comments. I am quoting what is reposted.

“When they first appeared on Shark Tank, Anna and Andrea made a splash by receiving offers from all five sharks for LuminAID: inflatable solar lanterns. This week, Shark Tank brought the women back to show how their invention is bringing light to 50,000 without power in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.” This is so amazing. This is how leadership in industry can and does work.

‘Now, the women entrepreneurs have introduced an all-new invention: the Smart Solar Garden. Their new origami-inspired lanterns are solar powered, and transform your phone into a light control center. Using Bluetooth technology, you can use a phone app to schedule when lights power on or off, change color, or dim when the moment’s right. The Smart Solar Garden was fully funded in just 8 hours, and runs until December 14th.”

“And it’s helping light Puerto Rico.”

Kudos and deep thanks from the likes of me.

“For every Kickstarter pledge, LuminAID donates a solar lantern to a family in need. If the Kickstarter reaches the $100K stretch goal, LuminAID will donate an additional 1,000 solar lanterns for disaster relief. 

Anna and Andrea are available for interview. They’ve been featured on CNN, Forbes, and Mashable. Please let me know if you have any questions about the campaign, and I’d be happy to send additional information.”

Media Contact:
Celia Eckert, (312) 600-8997
celia@luminaid.comLuminAID Media Kit
Smart Solar Garden Campaign Page
30-second Teaser Video
Anna and Andrea’s Story


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