Updated: Oct 28, 2017

Low voltage outdoor lighting — now there’s an idea! By installing a low-voltage transformer on an exterior outlet of your home, you can dial down the electricity needed to run your garden, patio, or driveway lights, making it possible to run bulbs with less energy. With one of these transformers, you can turn your power-hungry outdoor fixtures into light- and energy-saving units that bring beauty to your home without the added expense of high-priced electricity.


Of course, we’ve already discussed the possibility of cutting outdoor power requirements by choosing LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs for a variety of pathway and landscape gardening applications. These little solid-state bulbs last many times longer and use 20 percent less energy than standard incandescent options, so they’re lower maintenance and overall run on less power.

And even though LEDs are low on the energy scale, that doesn’t mean you won’t receive some powerful light. In fact, these 12 volt bulbs are much brighter than other bulb types of similar low-voltage options. So bright, in fact, that many complained about their overly-bright quality. But thankfully, scientists have found a way to tone down these once-piercing illuminators so that they’re more pleasant to look at. And they’re being put in all sorts of outdoor lighting fixtures, such as pretty blown-glass bulbs and decorative edge-trimming features.

But you can also get low-voltage bulbs (6.5 watts for instance) for use in a variety of outdoor light fixtures. They’ll provide the quality of light you’re used to, but without the high energy bill in the end. And, if you’re willing to give them a try, there are some outdoor fluorescent lighting options available today, too.

So there are lots of options in a variety of styles in the low-voltage outdoor lighting arena. Whether your home is fashioned after the Colonial or the Country style, you’re sure to find something in these energy-saving options that’ll work for your home’s exterior.

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