Myths about Low Voltage Solar Outdoor Lights


Introducing low voltage and solar outdoor lights

Low voltage and solar outdoor lights are increasing in popularity, in fact they may be the most popular choices today. We all have that little sense of pride about our homes, some of us more than others. To create a space to enjoy with friends, partners and family, it’s good to take your time and decide what kind of lighting suits your needs best. So show off your homes and yards by adding some well-placed lights. However, there are some myths surrounding these types of lights.

Myth: Installing low voltage and solar lights are expensive

Many solar power and low voltage patio lights come with installation guides. In many cases, you can install lights for less than one hundred dollars. Of course, the larger the area covered and the fancier the lights, the more it will cost to install. You can do it yourself if you’re handy. However, solar powered lights have decreased in price, gotten brighter and are readily affordable to just about everyone.

Myth: Solar outdoor lights only work during the day

Solar power lights store up energy during the day from the sun. Then, at night, they used the stored energy to power the lights. It works in the same manner as the eco-drive watches. The watches catch sun when a person is out. Once the watches are fully charged they can stay working in complete darkness for six months. While outdoor lighting won’t state lit for six months of complete darkness, a rainy day and a dark night won’t prevent the lights from working.

Myth: Low  voltage and solar lights come in functional only styles

While low voltage and solar power lights are very functional, they come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. You can find lights that enhance any décor. They come in functional styles, like the inset stair lights, to whimsical faeries to light up a garden.