Low Voltage and Solar Deck Lights


Why low voltage deck lights/solar deck lights

The best thing about having a deck is the ability to use it at night. Install low voltage deck lights or solar deck lights and enjoy the deck in the way you intended when you got it. Don’t let the darkness stop you from enjoying time outdoors on your deck, especially in warm climates and summertime everywhere else. Simply installing some lights allows you to curl up with a book, BBQ, and visit with friends and neighbors. Before buying low voltage, LED lights, or solar lights, think about what you want the lights to do.

Low voltage deck lights – steps and stairs

Keeping your family and guests save on your deck is important. You can choose LED lights that are flush with the stairs and deck. LED lights produce little heat, making them safe to step on. They come in a variety of colors and brightness. LED lights last ten times longer than standard lights, and don’t suddenly go out. Remember to keep brightness down to just what you need.

Low voltage deck lights or solar deck lights

Low voltage and solar power lights can be installed on post to create a festive atmosphere. Hanging lights can be added to light up sitting or dining areas. With the wide variety of styles, you can find lights that accent your existing décor.

Garden and path lighting – low voltage or solar

Ground lighting can range from subtle, like LED, or dramatic lights, like figurines. Use subtle lighting to guide visitors along a path. Then use dramatic lights to highlight particular plants or features. Again, it’s important to keep the brightness down. You aren’t doing this to blind yourself and your visitors. And it’s up to us to provide safety for the critters around us, like insects and birds.

Installing low voltage outdoor deck lights allows you to enjoy your deck day or night. They can create a relaxing atmosphere ideal for reading or they can create a festive atmosphere perfect for entertaining. No matter how you use your deck, deck lighting can drastically improve the atmosphere.