Low Voltage Deck Lighting

Low voltage deck lighting vs. conventional?

Low voltage deck lighting is easier to install than conventional 120 volt outdoor lighting fixtures. To get a little headstart on how to install your own low voltage outdoor lighting, I wrote up a 10-step set of instructions. And, of course, there are probably videos galore to watch and learn. This is definitely do-able for a do-it-yourself kind of person.

Low voltage deck lighting possibilities

Decks are most often used in early evening and after dinner. People use their decks to barbeque or gather with friends and family, which usually happens later in the day. To get full use out of the deck at all hours, outdoor lighting will help to make it safe and inviting.

With the wide variety of low voltage deck lighting, you can highlight sitting areas with hanging lanterns, or frame the entire deck with post lanterns. Maybe you want people to be drawn to the garden. This can be achieved with ground lighting or creative fantasy spot lights. The options are endless on what you can do.

Inset lighting works well with decks. They can be placed on the floor and in the steps, and are strong enough to be walked on. When carefully placed on the deck, the lighting gives the deck a pop. Inset lights add to the ambience to outdoor parties, making them more fun and inviting.

Low voltage deck lighting – how much control do you want?

Even the manner of which your lights come on are up for grabs. If you want to light up your garden for parties, then a manual transformer is perfect for you. If you are proud of the work you have to done to your garden, then show it off with lights that go on and off based on a timer. If you don’t want to mess with time changes, then go with a photocell transformer that turns it on when the sun goes down.