This is a wonderful opportunity for folks in the Hood River area of Washington state. The Columbia River Gorge is a beautiful destination, but a little too distant for me to get to from Seattle.

An important declaration about dark sky lighting is presented in this article,
“Dark-sky friendly lighting does not require you to live in darkness or turn off all the lights at night — only the unnecessary ones. Light pollution is that rare issue that costs less to solve than to let it continue. Learn how glare lighting actually threatens public health and safety, and how to implement outdoor lights that are designed to save energy and money, and keep and protect our dark-skies for current and future generations.”

We have choices and it is up to us to make them now for ourselves and future generations of people and wildlife!

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center presents Lights Out: Going Dark in the Columbia Gorge, on Friday, Jan. 22. Bob Yoesle will talk about the effects and hazards of light pollution. A dinner will be served at 6 p.m., followed by the 7 p.m. program, which is free to the public. […]