Recently at night, it has been noticed that there is a distinct lack of glow worm and firefly sightings. This may not seem to be an issue to many people, but there is the possibility that these two species may be dwindling. One of the reasons for the lack of seeing these beautiful insects is the fact that the atmosphere is too heavily saturated with light; namely the solar lights that have become exceptionally popular lately. Though such lights do cut down on the use of electricity, they have been putting glow worms and fireflies at risk, among other nocturnal species of wildlife.

Though there is absolutely no harm in becoming environmentally friendly or “going green”, people should stop every now and again to consider the effects that their efforts are having on various creatures. Light pollution not only disrupts nature when it comes to nocturnal insect species such as the aforementioned glow worms and fireflies, but moths and nocturnal mammals are beginning to see adverse effects as well. Not only has humankind disrupted the habitats of such creatures, they are in turn disrupting their natural life cycles as well. In doing so, there may be several species of creature that will no longer be seen in the near future.

Suburban, urban and rural areas alike are guilty of light pollution at night. The only way to prevent this is by turning off most outdoor lights once the sun sets. Though the government should regulate outdoor lighting in order to help preserve these species, it has yet to step up with any new ordinances. Disruption of nature is just as dangerous and nefarious as destroying the habitats of the animals that humankind is attempting to preserve and should be treated as such before it is too late to make repairs to what has already been put into place.