Solar Outdoor Lighting Blog

Solar Outdoor Lighting Blog

Solar outdoor lighting has changed a great deal since I began writing on in 2008. In fact, I plan on going back over many of the posts written and either revise them, remove them and/or see where they are now.

Solar outdoor lighting fixtures can be found just about anywhere now, all over the price spectrum. Many of these posts are talking about specific uses for solar outdoor lights, including patios, decks, pathways, gardens, parties, barns, and on and on. They’re easy to install and getting brighter. Which is why I write these now with a caveat in mind. And that is to light responsibly. This can be done by placing only the amount of light needed to see one’s way along the path. Choose fixtures with downlighting to help prevent light pollution.

But not to despair! There are many options and many choices for homeowners choosing solar outdoor lighting.

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