Light Pollution Effects on Human Health

Science and medicine are confirming that the light pollution effects on human health are many. Many of us live with so much light all of the time that we forget there’s a different way. Our forgetting may be partially due to our lack of relationship to the night sky. The stars are closed of to most of us, every night. Because of this, I have to wonder if there are people alive who have no knowledge of a starry sky at all because they have never seen one.

Light Pollution Effects on Human Health – too much light

What we, as humans, do notice are the things around us that cause us pain. That can be emotional pain or physical pain. For instance, we’ve lived in the same house for years and one day new people move in next door. They light up their house like a christmas tree. Your sleep is disturbed, not only by their horrible lights, but by your own pain at not being able to sleep. Sleep is so necessary to humans; some have forgotten in this 24/7 world of ours. So what do you do? You are not alone here, this is a problem becoming more and more prevalent. Not only by our neighbors’ lights but also by the streetlights outside our bedroom windows. I know, I have one and working with the local light company I was able to get it changed out.

Light Pollution Effects on Human Health – the need for perspective

But, alas, what it was changed out to helps me sleep better because the light is focused downward, but the new LED streetlights continue to be way too bright. And why are they way too bright? It is because humans today on this planet believe that their nights must be very bright. Light pollution is a problem that will hopefully find more and better solutions as humans realize the need for a wider perspective on  the care of this magnificent planet.