International Dark Sky Association – A community response

The dark sky lighting blog will educate and inform you about what dark sky lighting is and different things to think about when choosing dark sky lighting products for our homes. The International Dark Sky Association (IDA) was founded in 1988. They started out as a grass roots effort in the Arizona desert and are now the recognized authority for night sky protection and are the dark sky lighting experts.  IDA takes the lead to identify and publicize the negative impacts of artificial light at night on human health, wildlife and climate change.

Dark Sky Lighting Blog

I write the articles in this section with homeowners in mind. They are reports from news articles where towns and municipalities in The United States, Canada, Asia, Europe and elsewhere. For instance, how does one go about retrofitting their conventional outdoor lighting to dark sky lighting fixtures? We did it to our own home and are very happy with the results. The best part was being able to stay within our budget and means.

Some of these articles may overlap with light pollution and dark sky communities and places, but I suppose that is inevitable! Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas for future articles. Thanks for visiting!




Dark Sky Lighting Really Is For the Birds

There are plenty of reasons to conserve electricity and energy sources. Cutting back on electricity, is of course, a big issue, not only environmentally, but economically. Plenty has been written about conserving energy and cutting back on using eletric lights and...