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Light pollution news and articles appear here. I have also categorized them into the following subcategories. These pages are currently under construction.

Light pollution is the blocking of the stars from our vision here on earth. As this trend continues and gets worse due to artificial nighttime lighting gets brighter and more intense, wildlife, birds, humans, reptiles, insects all suffer. This is a blog devoted to light pollution news around the world. It’s a fascinating story and history, but it’s been a very fast history and it only began in our great great grandparents’ times.

Light Pollution News and Articles – Updates & New

As times goes on, I am going forward with the story to see where things stand today, especially in Solutions. So much has changed and continues to change since I began writing this blog in 2008. Current articles include stories about locations in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. They are really about the everyday lives of all of us who live in the cities and the towns all over the world. Most of us are being negatively impacted by the blight of light pollution. Please let me know if you have any requests for articles or would like to write one yourself!



9/11 Memorial Museum Working With NYC Audubon

Susan Elbin, Director of Conservation and Science at NYC Audubon, and colleagues published a paper today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The results of their yearly tally of birds in the lights between 2008 and 2016, somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.1 million migrating birds were affected by the light. Within 20 minutes of the lights going on the number of birds right there goes from 500 to 15,000. 

New LED Streetlights for Morgantown WV

Morgantown, West Virginia (right over the state line, directly south of Pittsburg) is getting new street lights. The LED lamps direct the light downward rather than all around in multiple directions. Not only will this benefit the animals, insects and birds in the area, the directed light is designed to prevent stray light from entering windows in high rise apartment buildings. The new fixtures were chosen to keep the style of the historic downtown intact.