LED Outdoor Lights

An LED light will last 100,000 hours vs. 5000 hours for traditional incandescent bulb. This is equal to an astounding 11 years of continuous operation so if you only use them at night they could last 22 years!

Energy Efficiency
LED lights offer substantially reduced power consumption, with energy efficient LED circuits 80% of the electrical energy converts to light, with the remaining 20% converting to heat. Just the opposite is true of incandescent.

Cost savings
Your 100 watt incandescent bulb, used for 1 year before it blows out, will cost you $88.00. Because 80% of the energy is heat and 20% is light, you’ve spent $70.00 heating the room. Compare that to spending $23.00 per year on the LED system and then factor in not having to replace the bulb for 20 years.

Selection & Quality
With the prices of LED coming down coupled with increasing demand, the selection and quality of the outdoor lighting fixtures using LED bulbs will make your design decisions easier and more fun.

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Outdoor LED Lighting

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