LED Lighting Is A Green Way To Help the Environment and the Pocketbook


Of all the things Americans use electricity for lighting accounts for twenty-two percent of the total. Using more efficient lighting technology can make a significant difference in the individual’s carbon footprint not to mention a significant reduction in his or her power bill. General Nutrition Centers, a leader in things natural and green friendly has recently changed its company owned stores over from conventional lighting to LED lighting. This change has not affected the store’s interior visibility in any adverse way but it has lowered the power needed to provide the light. Once again GNC has provided leadership for the way to go to help ourselves and the environment.

Light emitting diode (LED) lighting technology does not use the toxic products that conventional lighting methods do. Some of the chemicals that are needed for an incandescent light bulb to work are extremely hazardous if they escape from their housings like when the bulb breaks after being dropped. Because the LED is solidly encased in a resin even dropping it won’t necessarily break it and if it does break there are no bad things inside to pollute or poison the environment.

There are LED bulbs for all sorts of uses both inside and outside of a home or business. Deck lighting and solar lighting come immediately to mind when thinking of exterior lighting uses. Lighting the pathway from the street parking to the doorway with LED solar powered ground lamps is a safe and efficient way to provide safety for guests as well as the environment. Even if Fido gnaws on it he will not poison himself with chemicals from the bulb, though he is liable to disrupt the functioning of the solar panels. Less energy is needed and the LED bulbs do not emit heat to hurt the lawn or shrubs.

The Lighting Science Group, makers of LED lighting, has a proven track record as leaders in the LED industry both in the United States and around the world. LSG has head quarter offices in Satellite Beach, Florida, as well as in The Netherlands and in Australia to provide products for both interior and exterior applications. LED lighting: a green way to help the environment and the pocketbook.