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There is a place in Texas called Lajitas located right next to Big Bend National Park, and it is the place to go to get a truly dark sky and phenomenal star gazing. So where is this? And why are they selling it? I hope they can keep their dark skies while they’re selling property and increasing the size of their community.

Where is this (for all of us who do not live in Texas and don’t know where Big Bend National Park is)?? It is right on the border between Texas and Mexico about 120 miles south of El Paso (along the border). It’s in Brewster County, Texas. Their selling point is their dark skies. They are working with International Dark Sky Association to become registered as a dark sky community.

From their promotional web page lajitaslandcompany.com/dark-sky-community
“Together with other cities in the region, Lajitas is working with the International Dark Sky Association and the McDonald Observatory to create one of the largest Dark Sky Regions in the United States. This will provide even more opportunities for star gazing events, lectures, dark sky tours and continued education of the public for greater Dark Sky awareness.”

Truth be told, I’d love to be there right now gazing at all those wonderful stars I wish I could see from my backyard in Seattle! Here is a screenshot of today’s Lajitas Clear Sky Chart.

Lajitas Clear Sky Chart

All of that dark blue?? It’s what star gazers live for – it is the ultimate in dark skies.

Now wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t need to travel to Lajitas, Texas and overrun this wonderful bedroom community (and, I fear, ruin it) with our absolute need to see the stars in the night sky. I really think that it is possible and will be a reality in the foreseeable future that even in cities, our skies will be dark enough again.

In the meantime, however, I may be planning a trip to Lajitas!!