How to Create Natural Landscape Lighting

Landscaping that draws your attention to its beauty and balance after the sun has set doesn’t just happen with a few spotlights set here and there.  Careful planning as to what type of lights, what type of mood and what you wish to achieve are questions that you need to ask yourself before making any type of purchase.

Outside lighting should bring harmony to the relationship between your house and landscaping and a big mistake that many homeowners make in design is using spotlights to show off a favorite area or the home itself.  This can take away from the naturalism of surrounding beauty and throw off the balance completely instead of defining the look that you wish to achieve.

Walk your site and take several pictures of the areas where you would like to use lighting.  Think about what you wish to achieve and how your lighting ideas are going to address your goal.  If for a patio or walkway, go out after dark and walk the sites, determining where in these areas your lighting should illuminate.  There is a big difference between where you place your lights and where the lights will shine.

Low voltage landscape lighting and the way in which they are positioned works very well in achieving a look and feel of naturalism.  There are three different types of lighting that can be used to dramatize the entire scene when planned correctly.  Up lighting, down lighting and path lighting all have a specific job to do and when used as a team, bring on a breathtaking affect.

Properly spaced walkway lighting can guarantee safety in after dark walking but placing the lights too close together can cause a runway effect and create a glare that can easily get out of control.  Also, care should be taken in using floodlights unless you have the ability to adjust the amount light and area that it serves.  Getting light through your bedroom window from your landscape lighting can certainly ruin a mood.

Sometimes it is hard to determine exactly how lighting is going to look without having it set and flipping on the switch.  If you are unsure of your ability to measure exactly how your lighting will look, there are many books on landscape lighting and the problems that you may encounter.  Or take a drive through some neighborhoods and get a feel for how lighting has been used with their properties.  There are also professionals that can help you with planning and even do all of the work, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

DIY is great when you have the proper planning but can turn into a headache once the trenches have been dug, lines have been ran and you find out that this is not the look you were hoping for.  You want to enhance your property, lengthen your time outdoors and provide safety for family and friends.   Natural landscape lighting can make a world of difference in enhancing your property after the sun has set but can be as difficult as designing a room.  You are bringing an entire scene together as one and want to get the right feel so you smile each time you pull into your own driveway in the evening.


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