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Living in the 21st century, many, if not most, of us feel that we must be immune to the effects of such things as bright lights at night, or the sound of sirens shattering the quiet landscape of the night. Alas, we are not immune to light pollution, in fact, it can make us sick… very sick.

We have choices, we can contact our city light departments and let them know that a streetlight is shining into our bedroom and keeping us awake at night. I did this in my hometown of Seattle and was rewarded a few months down the road with a shielded replacement.

Another choice we have is to install dark window shades, blinds and/or curtains. We really must take better care of ourselves and our children and let our politicians know that extreme outdoor lighting is unnecessary and harmful.

If it’s a neighbor’s lights shining into your bedrooms, you can ask that they replace the light with a dark sky compliant fixture. Most people don’t want to hurt others, although I know this is a tough one since people have strong beliefs about what is harmful and what feels normal.

I welcome the day when we live in harmony with our bodies, our environment and with each other.

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