Glowing Reviews of Seasonal Solar Outdoor Lights


Using electricity to power holiday light displays can increase a household energy bill and expand its carbon footprint. According to a recent article in the San Jose Mercury News, solar powered outdoor holiday lights will allow Mother Earth a break this holiday season. The Mercury News article informed readers about the positive outcome of exchanging strings of regular lights for light emitting diode (LED) lights.

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While some homeowners can’t be dissuaded from giving up their lighting to conserve energy, they won’t have to sacrifice their dazzling displays thanks to the luminous glow of strings of LED lights. Homeowners will also be amazed at the way that substituting strings of LED lights for electric ones will enhance their outdoor holiday light displays. Energy usage is also dramatically reduced compared to electric lights, which are known energy devourers.

What is notable about the information provided by the Mercury News is that LED lights are being utilized by some of the most expansive decorators this season. Amazingly, these radiant, synchronized displays are often solar powered. Powering LED light displays with solar power is even more cost effective than using electrical power, saving hundreds of dollars yearly. When it comes to cost, LED lights are economically priced, because many stores sell a string of fifty LED lights for around $5. This is an affordable price for anyone purchasing LED lighting, especially if holiday accent lighting is only required on a tree.

As the Mercury News illustrates, the only things that homeowners will have to sacrifice when switching to energy efficient LED lights are blown fuses and higher energy bills. The use of LED lights helps prevent accidental fire, because they do not get hot to the touch like power consuming electric lights do. There can be no better incentives than safety and earth friendliness for turning in electric lights at an electronic recycling center and shopping for solar powered outdoor lights. Most importantly, as homeowners swap their energy consuming bulbs this season for  they are really giving back to the earth.