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Hey folks, here’s another dark sky tourist attraction. Let’s keep these coming, we can do this. Won’t it be great when we don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to see the night sky.

While I am always heartened to hear of news like this, we really can accomplish this in our own backyards. Maybe not to this extent, and for this amount of star viewing we will need to be tourists.

However imagine seeing even half of this many stars in your sky overhead, even in your town or city. This will be possible once we all embrace replacing our leaky, glaring outdoor light fixtures with dark sky compliant fixtures.

We can do it!

(Photo: Courtesy Photo) SILVER CITY – Sometimes, darkness is better than light. That is the case for the Cosmic Campground, a 3.5-acre site in the Gila National Forest which was recently named an International Dark Sky Sanctuary. The designation, awarded by the International Dark Sky Association in January, makes […]