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The city of Fountain in Colorado is a beautiful place filled with endless possibilities and a thirst for big ideas. Located about ten miles from Colorado Springs and nestled at the base of Pikes Peak, the people of Fountain have a proud history of taking their small town to new heights through progressive change without abandoning their past on which their city was founded.

When it was proposed to update the lighting surrounding the historic city hall to LED lighting, local officials adopted this same philosophy that had proven successful throughout the years. The city applied for a grant offered by the state of Colorado Energy Office. Among the requirements of this type of grant, the city’s project needed to have a positive impact on public perception and required high-efficiency lighting.

When local officials scouted around for new lighting options, Acuity Brands Holophane LED Lighting Luminaires seemed the perfect match for Fountain City. Holophane has been manufacturing quality lighting products since 1898 and specializes in vintage-style lighting that has been duplicated all throughout the lighting industry.

The dilemma local officials faced was creating an atmospheric and effective lighted environment surrounding city hall without contributing to light pollution nor compromise the “historic feel” of the area. They were pleased to discover Holophane offers Utility Full Cutoff LED Luminaires that satisfied the aesthetic look while complying with lighting ordinances for reduced sky glow. New lighting fixtures were installed on the existing 12-foot poles surrounding the property, along sidewalks and lining roadways and the result was “illuminating.”

Local officials and members of the community are extremely pleased with the uniform glow the Holophane LED Luminaires provide thus improving the overall night-time appearance of city hall. Residents enjoy the appeal the lighting creates on this local landmark. Local officials enjoy the fact that LED Luminaires use up to 30 percent less energy than the lighting system previously used.