Everyone wants their outdoor lighting to look spectacular and wants to save money doing it. With so many options to choose from (like low voltage deck lighting, or solar power), it can be hard to decide where to begin. Below are some questions to point you in the right direction and get you started. Take a look at learning about installing your own low voltage lights if you are interested in doing that.

Path Lighting

These can range from subtle lights to show a path to the house or through the garden to highly decorative to give a path a custom look.


Choosing a Style

Wall Lanterns

Attach to walls are come in a variety of styles. They are good for areas close to the home. Attached a wall lantern to a motion detector and you have a stunning safety feature.


Post Lanterns

Attach to fence post. They work well in defining a yard or patio deck.


Hanging Lanterns

Hang from the ceiling of decks. They can provide an inside look to an outdoor area. They are very good at highlighting specific areas including tables and sitting areas.


Choosing a Transformer

Transformers come in three types.

  • Manually operated – You turn the lights on and off by hand.
  • Automatic Timers – The lights turn off and on a set schedule.
  • Photocell-eye – These lights turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

Choosing a Power Source

Solar power or electrical power source.

  • Electrical power lighting will require a 120 volt weather proof outlet, i.e., you will need a GFCI outdoor outlet.
  • Solar power lights use stored solar energy to power the lights at night. Solar lights are ecologically friendly and can save you money.