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Updated: May 23, 2018

Low voltage, or 12 volt, outdoor lighting offers many options to choose from. You might choose to hire an electrician, but you could also install your own low voltage lights if you were so inclined. The nice thing about low voltage outdoor lights is that they use LED which greatly reduces energy bills. They are less expensive depending on the fixtures you choose. And they have particular areas of nighttime illumination where they really stand out. Let’s look at them.


Path Lighting

Path lighting is really where low voltage choices shine. Kichler Lighting has a distinctive collection of 12 volt path lights and deck lights, often coming in collections. Another option is a low voltage path and spot lighting kit.

Low Voltage Outdoor Wall Lights

Some come with a low voltage dimmer which is necessary to reduce the line voltage from 120V to 12V. The dimmer saves energy and, of course, it’s great for mood lighting.

Low Voltage Deck Lights

Decks were meant for these lights. They’re great for do-it-yourselfers and, again, they are much more energy efficient with more focused light than their 120V cousins.

Low Voltage Post Lights

Post lights can be caps on top of an existing post, or more traditional post light fixtures, giving it more height. Excellent for front entryways and anywhere else that more pronounced lighting is required.