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Do you ever wish you could extend the summer and spend more time in your garden or backyard space? I know I do. The other day, I was just sitting outside, enjoying the warm weather with my cat and my laptop, wishing that summer would stay around forever.

Well, thankfully, today there are outdoor lighting specialists who make it their mission to bring purposeful, beautiful lighting to homes and businesses all over the world. Lighting that compliments the existing design. Lighting that is reverential and aesthetically pleasing. Lighting that is more of an art than a science.

Apparently Janet Lennox Moyer is one of those people. She’s being called the “Poet of Light” since her designs literally transform nighttime space into something that is magical and intriguing. But what’s really great is her technique for creating these spaces. Rather than using lighting that’s at or below our knees, she concentrates on putting lights above, shining them downward to mimic the light of the sun.

Not only is this style of lighting more natural, it’s also safer for the environment since it sends light where it’s actually needed, rather than up, up and away into the night sky. This prevents light from disturbing wildlife and also lowers energy bills.

And for the purposes of this discussion, it also allows us to create outdoor spaces that are inviting and interesting all year round. So, yes, it may be getting colder and darker out there. And yes, that may mean we won’t be able to spend as much time outside. But at least on those mild nights when we can, even if the sky is dim, we’ll have beautiful illumination to make even the most boring outdoor landscape come alive.