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Before electricity, there was fire to conquer the darkness. Soon humans discovered burning torches and candles. Fear and awe of the night sky was evident. The sky was lit with millions of candles and torches called stars and planets. Innovation drove humans such as Thomas Edison to create artificial light. The incandescent bulb was soon born. Efficiency in the work place would increase. Businesses would flourish because darkness was conquered. Farmers no longer had to work according to the rising and the setting of the sun.

It can be said that artificial light played a significant role in the development of countries. Artificial light has also caused some problems. Humans and animals have sleep cycles programmed by the rising and setting of the sun. It appears in large cities the sun never sets. Incandescent bulbs consume a large amount of energy an average bulb can cost up to 25 dollars a year to use. Businesses and homes account for a third of energy consumption in this country. A large portion of that energy is light bulbs. Today more than ever society is aware of how energy affects their lives. Businesses and homeowners alike are starting look for ways to conserve.

Laws have been enacted to reduce energy. The incandescent bulb will soon be a relic. The bulbs replacement has been around awhile but never measured up until now. The replacement is the compact fluorescent lamp or CFL they consume less energy and last longer. It has its problems, but it does help reduce energy consumption. Light-emitting diodes or LEDs have also been around a while. LEDs have been used in traffic lights and televisions for years. It may take awhile before LEDs are lighting up the living room due to their cost.

Government cannot assume the entire burden of energy conservation. Individuals and communities must step up, as well. No business or household wants to be told what light bulb they can use but the facts are stacking up fast. Energy has to be conserved. Alternatives must be considered. Torches and candles are always available. Those torches and candles in the night sky can only be enjoyed in complete darkness.