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Everyone should be interested in saving, saving money, saving time, saving the environment. One small way of saving that could bring about some big results is in the innovations of providing special, self-cleaning glass for street lights. But that’s not all. There are other impressive improvements in this light that should be of interest to everyone.

This light, called the FURYO 3, has already been designed, engineered and named “The Right Light” by Schreder Lighting Company. Schreder’s goals are to provide customers with the very best light for every need. They are always looking for the new and technologically forward advancements in lighting products. True to these goals John Camp, United States General Manager of Schreder, has introduced the FURYO 3. This street light has the most rugged light fixtures that can withstand the toughest conditions.

The most significant characteristic of this new light is the special, self-cleaning glass which actually repels external dirt and dust. It almost seems to think for itself so it can clean itself. Because the glass stays cleaner, the light shines brighter and costly maintenance is kept at a minimum.

Reflectors that are multi-layered and high-powered give this amazing light the ability to utilize precision aiming and light distribution that accounts for greater efficiency as well as superior lighting capabilities.

This special FURYO 3 light has been designed for use in arc tube lamps An arc lamp, which is another name for a fluorescent lamp, produces light as an electrical current causes the discharge of electrons that can be seen in the form of light. The use of this FURYO 3 brings a welcoming light to streets, keeping them safer because they greatly improve the visibility of drivers and pedestrians. In addition to this, energy bills are reduced, maintenance costs are lowered, and CO2 emissions are reduced.

The aluminum housing for this new light is designed to utilize more efficient cooling. This, along with the self-cleaning lens, guarantees the best possible energy and the cleanest, tightest light system lasting over the longest period of time.