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In a recent news story, addressed the concern of how green average citizens can go, and offered a list of affordable suggestions and solutions. It’s apparent that anyone can make a real difference environmentally without a large investment by making some simple augmentations to their household. Even more attractive is the fact that these small investments will continue to create savings over time. What stands out in the list is that changing to more green-friendly lighting can be the most affordable modification that consumers can make.

On the topic of outdoor lighting, it’s understandable why solar lighting found a position on the list of practical ways average consumers can go green. It’s a great, inexpensive option for lighting a front walk, garden or doorway. It is also a great way to conserve energy resources at the same time. A modest initial investment of outdoor solar lighting is offset by the hundreds of dollars in energy costs saved over time.

Outdoor solar lighting is an important part of landscape planning, and can bring hours of enjoyable lighting that is cost-free after the initial investment. The soothing glow that solar lighting can bring to yards and gardens enhances evening enjoyment. Outdoor solar lighting utilizes solar collecting batteries that are included with each unit. The solar batteries charge with sunlight to illuminate the night.

New innovations in solar powered lighting have resulted in longer lasting batteries for a more continuous light source. Presently, there are also unique new lighting design possibilities that go beyond the basic black lantern. From lanterns to dragonflies, the consumer has the option to choose their favorite decorative designs to provide subtle, welcoming light to their yard. Consumers will be as pleased with the ambiance as they are with the savings both monetarily and environmentally.