High hopes for more Dark Skies Ordinances

Another one is about to bite the dust! Well, the dark skies dust, that is. We’re talking about Kern Valley, where they’ve recently been considering a Dark Skies Ordinance (DSO) as part of their in-development Kern River Valley Specific Plan. Although it appears local residents aren’t yet convinced of the benefits of this DSO, we’re … Read more

Buying Outdoor Lighting – A helpful list

Buying Outdoor Lighting 1. Outdoor lighting is also referred to as landscape lighting. Buying outdoor lighting is pretty much the same as buying landscape lighting, although we tend not to think of it that way when the lights are attached to our houses. 2. Outdoor lighting not only extends the hours you can spend outside … Read more

Dark Sky Compliant Outdoor Lighting has it all

dark sky compliant outdoor lighting - outdoor lighting choices

International Dark Sky Association The IDA gives the following definitions of adverse effect of artificial lighting. Their definition of light pollution is any adverse effect of artificial light. These are broken down as sky glow, glare, light trespass, light clutter, decreased visibility at night and energy waste. These four lighting components causing light pollution (from … Read more