Restoring Night Skies

Did you know that night lighting — street lights, porch lights, yard lights and car lights — creates problems at night? It produces glare, hampers sleep, harms plants and destroys some animals’ environments. In Strathcona County, Alberta, the community is doing something about it. By asking citizens to curb their lighting habits, they are restoring … Read more

LEDs replacing inefficient street light bulbs

The ugly, inefficient mercury vapor, metal halide, and sodium lights that have cast a jaundiced glare into the night sky over many cities are slowly but surely being replaced with LED-based or solid state lighting luminaries. These lights are not only easier on the eye, but save money. Boston believes that their SSL street lights … Read more

The Latest in Outdoor Lighting Regulations and Technology

A conference that deals specifically with outdoor lighting is the Lightfair International conference, known as LFI. This year the conference was held in Leeds, offering a range of session and classes all based around outdoor lighting. Some examples of topics include Model Lighting Ordinance, MLO, and learning about how humans see light. Several lighting specialists … Read more

Viewing the “Deep Sky”

Large telescopes look into the night sky to view activity in space. The less light where the telescope is the better it is to see into the cosmos. Many telescope and observatories are located in cities, areas with high light pollution. A new location in Lebanon, Ohio is the site of a new observatory. There … Read more

Solar Powered Outdoor LED Lights

An LED light will last 100,000 hours vs. 5000 hours for traditional incandescent bulb. This is equal to an astounding 11 years of continuous operation so if you only use them at night they could last 22 years! Energy Saving 24 Inches High Solar Powered LED Outdoor Garden Stake with Wire Guard Solar Post Light … Read more