Low Voltage Deck Lighting

low voltage deck lighting

Low voltage deck lighting vs. conventional? Low voltage deck lighting is easier to install than conventional 120 volt outdoor lighting fixtures. To get a little headstart on how to install your own low voltage outdoor lighting, I wrote up a 10-step set of instructions. And, of course, there are probably videos galore to watch and … Read more

History of Light-Emitting Diodes or LEDs


The history of light-emitting diodes follows the growth of a technological idea in optical communications. Today we have nearly ubiquitous LED lights, but for decades they did not exist as they do today while scientists and engineers worked to solve the problems that gave rise to them today. It’s about our imaginations going beyond what … Read more

Low Voltage Patio Lighting

low voltage patio lights

Be sure to plan! Use your imagination and creativity when updating or adding a patio. Take your time and plan how and where you want the focus to be. Low voltage patio lighting needs to be more than an afterthought. With careful planning, the lights can make an outdoor area warm and inviting. Kichler Lighting … Read more

Outdoor Patio Lights Will Add Fun and Flair

outdoor patio lights

In the summertime and in warm climates the patio is often the favorite place in the house. Patios provide space for relaxation, parties and romantic evenings. With the right lighting, you can enjoy your patio any time of the day or night and with all of the outdoor patio lights to choose from you’ll surely … Read more

Solar Outdoor Patio Lighting

Don’t you love those hot summer nights, spending time on the back patio with a nice cool glass of wine enjoying your outdoor space? Light breezes and low lighting makes it relaxing and rejuvenating. But while you’re there, does your mind start to wander as you get to thinking about your rising electric bill, bumped … Read more

Outdoor Hurricane Lamps Timeless & Practical

outdoor hurricane lamps

Outdoor Hurricane Lamps, a little history Outdoor hurricane lamps are still in existence today and have been for many decades. They had to be designed to withstand the breezy conditions of the outdoors. Therefore, the glass cylinder keeps the candle from burning too quickly or from being blown out by the wind. These lamps came … Read more

Outdoor Lighting Types for Everyone

outdoor lighting types

Outdoor Lighting Types – why compare? It’s useful to look at a comparison of the different outdoor lighting types to begin to figure out what will work best for you. Included are motion sensor lights, solar and conventional, dusk to dawn lighting, landscape accent lighting and a very brief introduction to dark sky lighting products. When … Read more

Keeping the Solar Powered Lights On

Given the chance, everyone would be more than happy to get power for free. Solar power is a huge source of energy, and if humans could reliably capture the sun’s rays every day and use it to run our lights then there would be a huge movement to do so and people would come running … Read more

Installing Dark Sky Lighting Saves Money and Reduces Light Pollution

Light pollution in the United States and across the world has been gaining much attention from the public. Light pollution is defined by the United States based non-profit organization International Dark-Sky Association, as any negative effects caused by artificial lighting, that either wastes energy or decreases visibility at night by glare, light clutter or sky … Read more